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Joel J.

“I was 97 kilos and was struggling to run. I cannot even run for 5 minutes straight because I easily get tired and was already feeling pain in my calf and shin. It is now September, I am still a work in progress, and now down to 91 Kilos. I can now run for 5km.”

Joel J.

About Coach

Geoffrey Alunan

I’m Coach Geoffrey, the brains behind Aruga Fitness PH. I help you optimize your fitness and health levels through simple, healthy habits. As a Tiny Habits® Certified and Thrive Global Coach, I’m all about the science of making good habits stick.

I’ve got a Sports Science degree from UP Diliman and extra credentials from ISSA, Precision Nutrition, and CHFI. With several years in the online coaching game, I know how to help you reach your goals.

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Building Healthy Habits

Discover the 11 Tips for Building Simple, Healthy Habits and become a stronger and healthier version of you.

Client Testimonials

See what some of Coach G’s successful clients have to say.

“Coach G is very accommodating, and non intimidating to work with. He worked around my lifestyle changes and provided me with lasting tips to improve my habits.”

Ely F.

“Now, more than 20 weeks into my program, I can say that I am a healthier and happier person. My current weight is the lightest I have been in years and my back is getting better and stronger.”

Pauline T.

“Since I started with coach G, my physical and mental health improved. The program that Coach G developed is client-centered, sustainable, and attainable based on goals that I want to achieve.”

Rizza P.

“Aruga Fitness PH offered the personalization and effectiveness that lacked in researching on my own. I was able to get exercises that helped lessen the pain in my lower back from sitting down.”

Lara L.

“He has always been approachable and accommodating to each of his clients lifestyle. He never reprimanded me when I deviate a bit from my program due to personal difficulties.

Chari C.

“I feel like the strongest version of myself now while still getting stronger as the days go by. Coach G has helped me not just with my fitness goals, but also with how I can live my life while eating whatever I enjoy.”

Colleen A.

“Consistency is something I’ve always struggled with on my fitness journey. Since I started training with Coach G, I’ve felt stronger and am confident that I can achieve my goals under his guidance.”

Kimberly G.

“The program he created for me is dynamic and highly-responsive to my changing lifestyle. Our program has been the biggest help to mending my relationship with my body and mental health.”

Vianch A.

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